AUM Celebrates the Life of Student Lynne Henderson

AUM Student Lynne Henderson

Lynne Henderson

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Antioch University Midwest student Lynne Henderson on July 20, 2014.

A mother, grandmother and friend to many, Henderson had an inspiring passion for life. Her determination to continue her education after retiring led her to Antioch University Midwest where she was on the road to completing her bachelor’s degree in Human Services Administration.

“In class, Lynne always had something to contribute to the conversation,” stated Dr. Mary Ann Short, Core Faculty and Chair of Undergraduate Studies at AUM. “When we would have conversations in class, I can remember her starting off responses with ‘well…in my experience…’ and then sharing a story about either a life or work situation she had experienced which always enriched our class discussions.”

Lynne’s desire to pursue her human services degree at Antioch University stemmed from her love of people and her desire to help others.  She truly cared about people and in return, people cared about her. “In class, Lynne was a thoughtful student.  She didn’t jump into the conversation quickly. However, when she did have something to say, the rest of the students listened,” shared AUM Adjunct Professor, Karin VanZant.  “She portrayed herself as a mother to the rest of the students and they respected her insights and wisdom.”

Lynne Henderson and her family.Son, Brian Henderson, told us that his mother gave him what he considers to be the best part of himself. “In a world where all we know is temptation, pressures and outright cruelty; she taught me how to navigate the maze without losing compassion. She was a very kind, dignified and strong woman,” explains Brian. He recalls her talking about her experiences on campus and the random acts of kindness she received from classmates and faculty members.  “My mother really enjoyed every minute she spent at Antioch University.”

Antioch University extends its deepest condolences to Lynne’s entire family.  A guest book is available online for anyone who would like to share fond memories of their time with Lynne Henderson or who would like to write a kind tribute.