Antioch University McGregor is now Antioch University Midwest

The McGregor School – Antioch University McGregor – Antioch University Midwest (AUM). Since our beginnings as a stand-alone institution in 1988, we have been known by many names, but our core values, purpose and commitment to socially engaged citizenship have remained the same.  We continue to serve adult learners seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree, obtain a masters degree or enhance their credentials with a Graduate Certificate or Educational Endorsement in their respective field.

Originally named the McGregor School in honor of President Douglas McGregor (1948-1954), in 2000, The McGregor School was renamed Antioch University McGregor. In 2007, AUM moved to a new campus in Yellow Springs.

In 2010, Antioch University McGregor was renamed Antioch University Midwest. Changing the name from McGregor to Midwest allowed the Yellow Springs Campus to align with sister campuses AU New England, AU Seattle, AU Santa Barbara and AU Los Angeles, all of which are known by their geographic location.

The campus library was renamed in honor of Douglas McGregor to continue to honor the legacy of the former president and management guru.

In 1959, Time Magazine quoted AU President James Payson Dixon’s ambition that Antioch would “invade the frontiers of the status quo.” In 2013 and beyond, AUM carries that legacy forward.

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