Transformative Education for Lifelong Learners who Contribute to the Common Good

One of Antioch University’s hallmarks is the way we teach.

Students come to Antioch University in search of an educational experience like no other. Our model reaches beyond the classroom so that students gain practical experience in their discipline, not just learning theory.

We offer a diverse experience every step of the way: undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees, five campus locations, a variety of study abroad programs and more.

Antioch University Leadership

An innovative leadership structure, unlike any other university.

Through responsible leadership, Antiochians foster productive, democratic change in the institutions and communities in which they live and work. Indeed, our programs do more than teach subject matter expertise. Our faculty is committed to whole person education – from the classroom experience itself to a holistic view of how we apply our knowledge in a global society.

Antioch University requires its students to integrate work and study, to incorporate experience with academic study and reflection and to address issues within a social and political context. The campus Boards of Trustees help students give back and get involved because they are from within the communities. Trustees are chosen from each geographical area in which campuses inhabit, as a liaison between the university and the community to keep the tradition of experiential learning at AU alive.

Antioch University Leadership Team

Antioch University’s leadership follows an innovative governance structure that is unlike any other university. The leadership team at AU is comprised of a Chancellor, University Leadership Council, and Board of Governors who work together through camaraderie and the ultimate learning experience across all campuses.