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Speak Up! @ Your Library!

AUM-Library-speak-upThe McGregor Library is your library; we want to hear from you how to improve, change to meet your needs, and continue to evolve. Libraries are not static- nor do they succeed by accident. Send us an email ( or click here to fill out an anonymous form.

Faculty- see how the Library can benefit the research skills of your students! Click here to request that the librarian schedule a time to meet your class, and show some tricks and tips for doing research. Having us work with you provides for a better library and research experience for everyone!

Our library is still growing; as you know, we have only been here since 2007, and it takes time and money to build a substantial collection. We always are grateful for donations- please contact the librarian first. However, if there are items that you would suggest we consider to add to our collection that you believe would support the teaching mission and intellectual culture of the campus, please click here to fill out a short suggestion form.

Finally, we are always anxious to hear your perception of services at the library. Although we promote our annual survey during the Food for Fines campaign during National Library Week in the spring, our survey  is open year round for your comments.

Have you dropped by one of our workshops/ Want to suggest one for the future? Let us know!

Thanks for Speaking Up! @ Your Library!