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In today’s world you write more than ever…

Words matter. Effective communication matters even more. Creative writing permeates our lives through smart phones, the web, magazines, newspapers and books. Accurately expressing thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams through creative writing is critical to success in every field, and our liberal arts degree in creative writing will help you achieve that success.

Aspiring authors in fiction or non-fiction, as well as those thinking of careers in marketing, strategic communications, education, grant writing or fundraising/development will benefit from our creative writing program.

Antioch Core Courses


  • GNED-3210 Experience and Expression (3)
  • GNED-3250 Modes and Methods of Learning (3)
  • GNED-3310 Literary Analysis and Argumentation (3)
  • GNED-3350 Culture, Conflict, and Social Research (3)
  • GNED-3450 Foundations of Civilization (3)
  • GNED-3510 Ecology, Technology, and Society (3)
  • GNED-3550 Leadership (3)

Creative Writing & Literature Concentration


  • COM-3570 Short Story Writing (3)
  • COM-3910 English: The Global Language (3)
  • COM-4320 Social Media and Social Change (3)
  • COM-4420 African American Literature (3)
  • COM-4500 Contemporary Theory & Criticism (3)
  • COM-4650 Shakespeare (3)
  • Five COM or LIT Electives (15)
    **Students will work with their advisor to choose electives.**
  • PRO-4970 Senior Project (3)

Total 54 Credits

For course descriptions, please see the current course catalog.

Important Notice: This is not an official Degree Audit tool. This is merely a sample of the most recent degree offerings. Students should confer with their academic advisor regarding their degree requirements.