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Make a Move into Management

Your Human Services Administration degree will help you become a leader in your field. Move with confidence into supervisory or administrative roles in the human services or in related settings like education, health care, or human resource administration.

The Human Services Administration major emphasizes knowledge and skills in several areas:

  • Human development across the span of life
  • Principles of effective management and the functioning of organizations
  • The wider social context of organizations
  • Skills for effective management

Human Services Administration majors are well prepared for leadership roles in any organization. They also have the strong academic background they need to pursue graduate study in such fields as:

  • Social service administration
  • Public administration
  • Education
  • Human resource administration

Antioch Core Courses

(21 Cr)

  • GNED-3210 Experience and Expression (3)
  • GNED-3250 Modes and Methods of Learning (3)
  • GNED-3310 Literary Analysis & Argumentation (3)
  • GNED-3350 Culture, Conflict, and Social Research (3)
  • GNED-3450 Foundations of Civilization (3)
  • GNED-3510 Ecology, Technology, and Society (3)
  • GNED-3550 Leadership (3)

Human Services Administration Concentration

(27 Cr)

  • HDV-4020 Child and Adolescent Development (3)
  • HDV-4030 Adult Development (3)
  • HSA-4200 Human Services Systems and Grants (3)
  • MGT-3500 Financial Statements & Analysis (3)
  • MGT-3900 Human Resource Management (3)
  • MGT-4880 Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations (3)
  • MGT-4960 Organizational Behavior (3)
  • One HDV or HSA Elective (3)
    **Students will work with their advisor to choose an elective.**
  • PRO-4970 Senior Project (3)

Total 48 Credits

For course descriptions, please see the current course catalog.

Important Notice: This is not an official Degree Audit tool. This is merely a sample of the most recent degree offerings. Students should confer with their academic advisor regarding their degree requirements.