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Rethink How You See the World

Our Humanities undergraduate degree program is a unique bachelor’s degree completion program that studies the religions, cultures, histories and inventions of different civilizations from ancient to modern times.

  • Sharpen your skills in critical analysis, improve your public speaking skills, and expand your global awareness.
  • Discover how people over time have fathomed the cosmos, organized their communities, defined their identities, and developed relationships with others beyond their borders.
  • Study patterns of daily life, the work of women as well as men, the role of leadership and authority, the clash of cultures, the development of global trade, the unending wars over religions and resources and the birth of our modern intellectual movements.

Our Humanities undergraduate degree program prepares you for graduate study in law, history, literature, philosophy, journalism, religious studies, political science or international relations.

Antioch Core Courses

(18 Cr)

  • GNED-3210 Experience and Expression (3)
  • GNED-3250 Modes and Methods of Learning (3)
  • GNED-3310 Literary Analysis and Argumentation (3)
  • GNED-3350 Culture, Conflict, and Social Research (3)
  • GNED-3510 Ecology, Technology, and Society (3)
  • GNED-3550 Leadership (3)

Humanities Concentration

(36 Cr)

  • HUM-3011 Ancient Civilizations: Africa to Asia (6)
  • HUM-3021 Greek and Roman Civilization (6)
  • HUM-3031 Jewish, Christian and Islamic Heritage (6)
  • HUM-3041 Medieval Europe and the Renaissance (6)
  • HUM-3051 Colonialism, Capitalism & the Modern World (6)
  • One Elective (3 cr)
    • COM-3570 Short Story Writing (3)
    • COM-3580 Playwriting and Performance (3)
    • COM-3650 Multi-Genre Writing (3)
    • COM-3700 Professional Writing (3)
    • HIS-3000 Ohio History (3)
    • HIS-3500 US History (3)
    • LIT-4320 Literature of the Americas (3)
    • LIT-4500 Contemporary Theory Criticism (3)
    • LIT-4520 American Literature (3)
    • LIT-4620 English Literature (3)
    • LIT-4650 Shakespeare (3)
  • PRO-4970 Senior Project (3)

Total 54 Credits

For course descriptions, please see the current course catalog.

Important Notice: This is not an official Degree Audit tool. This is merely a sample of the most recent degree offerings. Students should confer with their academic advisor regarding their degree requirements.