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Antioch University Midwest helps you to transfer your credits from a community college or other institution of higher education so you can finish your bachelor’s degree in a flexible schedule at nights and on the weekend.

Our Liberal Studies education exposes students to diverse ideas, preparing you for careers in various fields and graduate study. Learn about what makes the Antioch University Midwest undergraduate degree completion program unique or by selecting one of our majors below!

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Through one of our many majors you can realize your potential and achieve your goals.

In today’s world you write more than ever …

Words matter. Effective communication matters even more. Creative writing permeates our lives through smart phones, the web, magazines, newspapers, and books. Accurately expressing thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams through creative writing is critical to success in every field, and our liberal arts degree in creative writing will help you achieve that success.

Aspiring authors in fiction or non-fiction, as well as those thinking of careers in marketing, strategic communications, education, grant writing or fundraising/development will benefit from our creative writing degree program.

Early Childhood Education Major with Ohio Teaching License

For those who love to teach …

The AUM Early Childhood Education program is a terrific opportunity for adult students to enter a program in which they can earn two credentials: a Bachelor of Arts degree and an Early Childhood Education license.

Learn with faculty who have real-world teaching experience

  • Study in a team approach with adult learners
  • Attend courses on weekday evenings and Saturdays
  • Complete your Bachelor of Arts degree through our Early Childhood Education major
  • Earn an Ohio teaching license to work with students pre-school through Grade 3

Areas of employment using your Early Childhood Education major include:

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Head Start Teacher
  • Kindergarten – Third Grade Teacher in Public Schools
  • Preschool Director

With the addition of a Reading Endorsement, graduates of the Early Childhood Education program will be eligible to be a Title l teacher in Grades K-12.

There is a renewed focus on preventative healthcare, fitness, and healthy living habits because the healthier someone is, the less money they’ll spend on healthcare. This idea has opened numerous career options and opportunities. Our Health and Wellness degree will prepare you to work in a variety of healthcare fields like:

  • Corporations or institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Community/social services agencies
  • Creating your own business as a provider or consultant

You’ll learn that the value of good health is much more than the absence of disease. Faculty chair Dr. Kent De Spain offers his view of the value of the Health and Wellness bachelor’s degree:

Rethink How You See the World

Our Humanities undergraduate degree program is a unique bachelor’s degree completion program that studies the religions, cultures, histories, and inventions of different civilizations from ancient to modern times.

  • Sharpen your skills in critical analysis, improve your public speaking skills, and expand your global awareness.
  • Discover how people over time have fathomed the cosmos, organized their communities, defined their identities, and developed relationships with others beyond their borders.
  • Study patterns of daily life, the work of women as well as men, the role of leadership and authority, the clash of cultures, the development of global trade, the unending wars over religions and resources, and the birth of our modern intellectual movements.

Our Humanities undergraduate degree program prepares you for graduate study in law, history, literature, philosophy, journalism, religious studies, political science, or international relations.

Make a Move into Management

Your Human Services Administration degree will help you become a leader in your field. Move with confidence into supervisory or administrative roles in the human services or in related settings like education, health care, or human resource administration. The Human Services Administration major emphasizes knowledge and skills in several areas:

  • Human development across the span of life.
  • Principles of effective management and the functioning of organizations.
  • The wider social context of organizations.
  • Skills for effective management.

Human Services Administration majors are well prepared for leadership roles in any organization. They also have the strong academic background they need to pursue graduate study in such fields as:

  • Social service administration
  • Public administration
  • Education
  • Human resource administration

A Management Degree Should be More Than Just a Piece of Paper

As a Management major you’ll develop outstanding leadership skills by learning to understand the challenges of managing organizational activities at any level in rapidly changing business and not-for-profit environments. The BA in Management provides theoretical and applied knowledge in the basic areas expected of all managers:

  • Management science
  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Economics

Management positions exist in every organization. Graduates have the know-how to coordinate organizations services, oversee operations, ensure safety standards, and examine consumption patterns. Available career titles include:

  • Administrative services manager
  • Facility manager
  • Office manager
  • Contract administrator
  • Office and administrative support supervisor

Are You Committed to Promoting Social, Environmental, and Economic Justice?

Sustainability majors learn to find new solutions regarding more sustainable ways for humans to live while allowing ecosystems to thrive; understand the complex nature of these problems and the interdisciplinary approaches necessary to develop viable solutions.

Sustainability Degree Program Goals

  • Systems Thinking Orientation
  • Problem Solving from Multiple Perspectives
  • Ability to Formulate and Test Creative Hypotheses
  • Practitioner Orientation
  • Social Justice Perspective

Building Individual Empowerment and Facilitating Equitable Change

AUM Sustainability majors understand that inequality breeds unsustainable ways of living. Approach environmental problems from a grounded social perspective of equity and sustainability. Graduates of the Sustainability Program will gain an understanding of the duties and obligations of global citizenship and deepen their commitments to their communities and the world to foster more equitable and sustainable practices.

Sustainability is a mindful approach to living smartly, efficiently, and in harmony with the natural world that surrounds us. I am truly in awe and inspired by the shear beauty and complexity of the planet’s various ecosystems. My experience here at Antioch has been eye opening and I’m honored to be a student here. My fascination with nature and a curiosity to learn more married well with the Sustainability program here at Antioch University Midwest.

Kane Andrew Thompson Student, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability, Expected Graduation 2013

The AUM Sustainability program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of fields including environmental protection and remediation, waste reduction, green building, sustainable agriculture, climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.