BA Program Overview


The Undergraduate Studies Bachelor Degree Completion Program is designed specifically to prepare adult learners to think critically and act responsibly to improve society, to acquire intercultural and global awareness, and to continue to grow personally and professionally across changes in family, community, and work roles.

Principle Curricular Goals

We are dedicated to enabling and inspiring our students to:

  1. Develop analytical writing skills.
  2. Develop an awareness of and ability to integrate diverse perspectives.
  3. Master the content in the chosen academic discipline.
  4. Demonstrate effective group interaction skills within a diverse environment.

Academic Components

The curriculum consists of diverse modes of study, a balanced distribution of credits, an integrated set of course offerings, and topical electives for independent study and skill building. Being transfer credit friendly, the curriculum equally honors academic coursework. The three basic modes of study are as follows:

  1. Academic Seminars: Classes of approximately 20 students that meet on Saturdays. This is the standard format. Occasionally, courses are offered on weekday evenings. (3 credits each)
  2. Professional Development Seminars: These seminars emphasize the integration of academic learning with students’ work experiences. (3-4 credits each)
  3. Independent Study: Self-directed study organized by the advanced student and approved, supervised, and evaluated by a member of the faculty. (1-5 credits each)

Adults entering a degree completion program bring varied educational histories. Each applicant for admission is considered on a case-by-case basis. Prospective students are invited to contact us and make arrangements to have their transcripts evaluated. The following information defines the expectations for an Antioch University Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Bachelor Degree Completion Program:

  • A minimum of 120 semester credit hours; of the 120 semester credit hours
    • A maximum of 75 total transfer credits; of the 75 possible transfer credits,
      • Only 60 may be lower division (generally 100 and 200 level) courses.
      • No more than 40 transfer credits in each of the following general subject areas:
        • Communication (e.g., English, composition, public speaking, journalism, foreign languages, media)
        • Natural Sciences and Technology (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, engineering, mathematics, statistics)
        • Arts and Humanities (e.g., art, music, dance, political science, theater, philosophy, history, literature, theology)
        • Social Sciences (e.g., sociology, anthropology, psychology, gerontology, human services, education)
        • Management Sciences (e.g., marketing, accounting, finance, economics, office management);
      • A maximum of 30 semester credits (the equivalent of one year of a four-year degree) for non-classroom prior learning of all kinds (CLEP or DANTES exams, military or other ACE approved programs, etc.). CLEP and DANTES will be evaluated from original documentation only; and
      • A maximum of three semester credits for physical education.
      • Exceptions to the lower-division limit and subject area limit may be granted for students with earned associate’s degrees from regionally accredited institutions.
    • Of the minimum 45 semester credits applied to the B.A. that must be earned at Antioch University Midwest, the final 30 semester credits for the degree must also be earned at AUM.

Other regulations that affect the degree requirements include:

  • No credits, regardless of their source, may be applied toward more than one degree, either within or outside Antioch. The only exception to this rule is that credits earned as part of a regionally accredited associate’s degree may be applied toward the B.A. if they do not conflict with any other limitations.
  • Once enrolled, prior approval from the appropriate chairperson of the major is required for any course to be taken at another institution for which the student wants credits applied toward the Antioch degree.
  • The final 30 credits applied toward the B.A. must be earned through Antioch University Midwest’s Undergraduate Studies Program.