Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit


Antioch University is a Transfer Intentional Institution

AUM-student-with-laptopConsidering transferring to Antioch University Midwest? Our degree completion program was designed to be transfer intentional. We make it easy for you to transfer your previous college credits.

Concerned your previous credits may have expired? Regardless of the date credits were earned, they are always accepted here at Antioch.

Articulation Agreements

The Bachelor Degree Completion program has articulation with the following Ohio institutions, whereby all credits required to complete an associate's degree will be accepted.

Students with associate degrees from any other regionally accredited institution may apply up to the full amount of credits from their associate's degree quarter credits (or the equivalent) toward a degree in Bachelor Degree Completion program.

For instance, if a student completed an associate's degree in physical therapy that required 70 semester credits to complete, it may be possible to transfer in 70 semester credits. Students attending proprietary schools that do not hold regional accreditation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and can transfer in up to a maximum of 60 semester credits.


Transfer Credit

All students transfer credits into the program; therefore, the following applies to all:

  • The Bachelor Degree Completion program uses a semester credit system. Transfer credit is granted on a 1:1 ratio for other schools on a semester system if a grade of "C"  or better (or the equivalent) was earned. The conventional formula for converting quarter to semester credits is followed: each quarter credit transfers as 2/3 (.6667) of a semester credit.* (*Information concerning conversion of other system credits, such as trimesters, may be obtained by contacting the Student Services Office.)
  • Of the 120 semester credits required for graduation, at least 45 semester credits must be completed at AUM.
  • A maximum of 75 approved transfer semester credits may be applied to the Antioch degree. Of the 75, only 60 semester credits may be lower-division (usually 100 or 200 level courses). These must be from regionally accredited institutions, except as explained below.
  • Because each major has a specific credit requirement, the number of credits required for graduation may occasionally exceed 120, if the student's transfer credits approach the maximum and if the major requires more than 45 credits.
  • Approved upper division credits may be accepted in transfer and applied toward the degree as long as the total number of transfer credits does not exceed 75.
  • Credits can be transferred from a variety of sources: another university or college; and examinations and other sources. Under certain circumstances, we also allow non-degree students to participate in our courses.