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Teacher Leader Endorsement


teacher leader

The role that teachers play in their schools is evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Teachers are expected to take on leadership responsibilities, often without receiving recognition for their efforts.

A Teacher Leader Endorsement recognizes your expertise in your subject matter, instructional practices, mentoring, and leadership capabilities.

With a Teacher Leader Endorsement you will be able to support the efforts of your principal allowing for more delegation of some leadership tasks. You will also be able to act as a professional development resource within your school.

A Teacher Leader Endorsement will help qualify you for the highest steps on Ohio’s 4 Tiered Licensure Structure.

Potential Roles for Teacher Leaders:

  • Mentor or coach new teachers
  • Develop and deliver professional development activities
  • Develop curriculum
  • Lead School Improvement Initiatives
  • Serve as department or grade level chairs
  • Serve on school leadership teams
  • Become a union chapter leader
  • Serve on committees, task forces, etc.


  • Length of Program – 2 semesters, 12 credits
  • Faculty Contact – Hays Moulton 937-769-1871/ or hmoulton@antioch.edu
  • Class Offerings – Evenings
  • Earn – Teacher Leader Endorsement
  • Contact – Merri Shearer / 937-769-1658 OR Hays Moulton 937-769-1871

Program Highlights

  • Must hold 5 year professional teaching license and a Masters degree
  • Aimed at meeting the needs of teachers and other school personnel
  • Cohort Model – Allows student to move through the program together, building a learning community that fosters collaborative and supportive relationships
  • Enhances leadership skills needed for our fast paced school environments
  • Allows for you to work and go to school at the same time
  • Designed for those who want to make a difference in the lives of our youth!
  • Internship and Portfolio required
  • Financial Aid is available