FAQ’s: School of Education: Teacher Licensure Programs

Q: Do I need to pass Ohio Assessments for Educators content test before I enter your teacher education program?
A: No – you do not need to have passed the content test for admission into our teacher education programs. However, you need to pass your content test before you will be eligible to student teach.
Q: Do I need to have all of my content completed before I enter the MCE Program?
A: Yes – you must have completed a minimum of 20-semester credits in your first content area and a minimum of 10-semester credits in your second content area.
Q: When do the BCI and FBI background checks need to be done?
A: You will be required to have your fingerprints taken at Antioch University Midwest when you apply for a licensure program. Once we have a clear background check your application will proceed.
Q: Can I still work when I student teach?
A: Student teaching is a very stressful and time-consuming part of the program. You will not be able to continue to work your daily job.
Q: Can there be a gap between finishing coursework and student teaching?
A: It is strongly advised that you student teach when you are eligible to do so.
Q: How long is student teaching?
A: Student teaching is a minimum of 14 weeks. However, if your student teaching performance is marginal or failing then your student teaching assignment may be extended.
Q: What times do classes start and finish?
A: Teacher Licensure classes begin at 5:30 and end at 9:00. Educational Leadership classes begin at 5:30 and end at 9:00.
Q: Is there an attendance policy?
A: Yes – candidates are expected to attend all class sessions.
Q: Can I pick and choose my classes?
A: Your program is a set sequence and you must take your courses along with your cohort.
Q: What are my prospects of getting a teaching position when I have completed my program?
A: Although our graduates are employed on a steady basis we cannot guarantee your employment.
Q: Will I be required to spend time in schools?
A: Yes – you will and you need to make sure that your employer understands that you will need time during the day to make school site visits for observations required for coursework assignments.
Q: Can I student teach in a parochial or private school?
A: No – you cannot. You are required to student teach in a publicly chartered Ohio school.
Q: Can I be concurrently employed in a school district and have that count as student teaching?
A: Perhaps – there is a petitioning process.
Q: Is there an orientation to the program?
A: Yes – and it is mandatory.
Q: When do classes meet?
A: Classes on campus meet Monday through Thursday.
Q: Will I be required to attend classes on Saturday?
A: Yes – occasionally.