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Teacher Licensure Programs

If you have an undergraduate degree and have always wanted to teach, you now have the opportunity to do so through the Antioch University Midwest Professional Preparation Program for Teacher Licensure. Designed for adults with busy schedules, this graduate professional program provides you with the coursework and preparation required for an Ohio Resident Educator License.

Through this unique learning experience, and consistent with Antioch’s philosophy of the development of the whole person, you will be encouraged to develop further your intellectual, social, emotional and ethical potential, thus preparing you for the rigors of teaching in today’s schools. Antioch University Midwest believes that all teachers who graduate from the Teacher Licensure programs must be able to connect with diverse classrooms, and be creative, competent, and compassionate leaders in the 21st Century.

In order to attain these goals, Antioch University Midwest relies heavily on the integration of experience and theory. Through a focus on learning, teaching, curriculum, and assessment from a student-centered perspective, you are prepared to guide students in the development of the skills and knowledge needed in our rapidly changing world. Once you have completed the program, our hope is that you will be a highly skilled teacher able to integrate theory and practice in today’s diverse classrooms.

Antioch University Midwest bachelor of arts and master of education programs give you the tools to develop your passion for teaching and implement them into your everyday classroom practice. Completion of our degree programs allows you to excel in the classroom.

Antioch University Midwest has been approved by the State of Ohio to offer the following levels and concentrations for teacher licensure:

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Programs

Second License Only

Teacher Licensure programs at Antioch University Midwest feature:

  • An accelerated, prescribed program sequence for candidates to follow
  • A cohort model that functions to provide ongoing support throughout the program
  • Field observation hours attached to courses
  • Evening classes so that candidates may continue to work

Integrated Curriculum

Consistent with the best practices in education, you will learn through classes conducted in a seminar format and with course work organized in modules. Courses integrate varied learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Technology Oriented to the Educator

Because the Internet is an essential tool for building and enhancing the learning experience, Antioch University Midwest provides an email system and a learning management system which may be accessed via a standard Internet service provider. You will use these systems to communicate with your advisor, fellow students and support offices, to identify learning resources and to obtain and submit course assignments. A computer with access to an Internet provider and web browser is a requirement of the program.

Experienced Faculty

Faculty members have extensive experience in PK-12 classrooms and higher education. These experiences make the faculty uniquely qualified to combine theory with the reality of practice and provide you with a rich and highly applicable learning experience.

Student Centered, Non-Graded Alternative Evaluation

Your progress is evaluated based on predetermined competencies that must be met in order to receive course credit. Only evaluations equivalent to the traditional letter grades of “A” or “B” will receive credit for the course.

While Antioch University Midwest is committed to the pedagogical importance of employing narrative evaluation as its method for the appraisal of student academic work and progress, we acknowledge that letter grade equivalents may be required for a student to receive financial assistance with their education (for employee reimbursement, certain kinds of federal funding, etc.) These unofficial letter grades will not appear on a student’s official AUM transcript.

All students in the Professional Preparation Program for Teacher Licensure, regardless of the level or area of concentration they wish to teach, must meet the following requirements in order to be recommended for an Ohio Resident Educator License:

  • Complete and document the required focused field hours.
  • Complete a minimum of 14 weeks (65 days)  of full-time clinical work in an Antioch University Midwest approved setting.
  • Education candidates are required to complete Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background checks at Antioch University Midwest. Background checks are valid for one year and must be current for all focused field hours and clinical experiences.
  • Successfully complete the Antioch University Midwest Professional Preparation for Teacher Licensure program coursework.
  • Successfully complete courses that fulfill the State of Ohio content requirements for general education and/or specified teaching concentration(s).
  • Pass required state licensure tests at or above the minimum level established by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).
  • Pay all financial debts to Antioch University.
  • Have no holds (financial, library, etc.) on their Antioch University account.

NOTE: As of September 3, 2013, the Ohio Assessments for Educators have replaced the Praxis II tests as the required Ohio educator license tests for most content areas. For complete information on state testing requirements, access the Ohio Department of Education’s website at Type “OAE” in the search field.

All candidates, regardless of license being sought, must complete the general education requirements. Typically, general education and content requirements will have been completed as part of an undergraduate degree program.


Applicants are required to have the following when seeking admission into a Teacher Licensure program:

  • An earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • A minimum of 2.75 accumulative grade point average in all undergraduate work
  • Clear BCI and FBI background checks (must be taken at Antioch University Midwest)
  • Completion of on-campus skills assessment test
  • Completion of on-campus case study writing assessment
  • Access to Internet and a computer
  • Completion of all application materials, including:
    • Application and fee
    • Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions
    • Résumé
    • Educational Goals Statement (only required for Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 entry)
    • Letter of Interest
  • Interview with Program Chair