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M.Ed. Special Education: Intervention Specialist – Moderate to Intensive (EDS) K-12

This program is designed to provide currently licensed Ohio teachers the necessary knowledge and skills required to obtain a Second License in Special Education: Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialist (K-12). This program will allow licensed teachers to expand their previous classroom experience to work with students who have specialized needs in mild to moderate disability categories, such as Specific Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Asperger Syndrome, and Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. Coursework will be tailored for licensed teachers to expand their current planning, teaching, and managing skills to special education settings that are inclusive, pullout, or self-contained.

Program Features

  • 1 year – 2 semesters – for program completion (for candidates who meet Ohio Reading Core requirements).
  • No additional student teaching required. Candidates will complete focused field observations connected to coursework and a practicum experience.
  • Classes held in the evenings, twice a week, so teachers can continue to work in their current classrooms.
  • Cohort model with currently licensed teachers only.

Program Completion Requirements

  • Complete and document the required focused field hours
  • Undergo Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mandatory fingerprinting (must have a clear record and be current for field experiences and license submission. Reports are valid for one year).
  • Pass required state licensure tests at or above the minimum level established by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).
  • Must have a current and valid Ohio Teaching License.
  • Successfully complete Antioch University Midwest’s required coursework.
  • Successfully complete courses that fulfill the State of Ohio content requirements for general education and/or specified teaching concentration(s).
  • Pay all financial debts to Antioch University.

Course Requirements (8 Courses – 24 Credits *)

  • EDS-5010 Foundations of Special Education (3 cr)
  • EDS-5020 Development of Exceptional Learners(3 cr)
  • EDS-5110 Ethics and Legal Issues in Special Education(3 cr)
  • EDS-5120 Learning Environments and Social Interaction(3 cr)
  • EDS-5210 Assessment and Placement in Special Education(3 cr)
  • EDS-5270 Augmentative and Alternative Communication(3 cr)
  • EDS-5440 Integrated Instructional Methods(3 cr)
  • EDU-6500 Second License Practicum(3 cr)

* Additional Reading Courses may be required.

  • RLE-5150 Foundations for Reading Instruction(3 cr)
  • RLE-5250 Phonics(3 cr)
  • RLE-5350 Reading Assessment(3 cr)
  • RLE-5450 Content Literacy (3 cr)
EDS5010 Foundations of Special Education (3 cr)
EDS5020 Development of Exceptional Learners (3 cr)
EDS5110 Ethics and Legal Issues in Special Education (3 cr)
EDS5120 Learning Environments and Social Interaction (3 cr)
EDS5210 Assessment and Placement in Special Education (3 cr)
EDS5270 Augmentative and Alternative Communication (3 cr)
EDS5440 Integrated Instructional Methods (3 cr)
EDU6500 Second License Practicum (3 cr)

* Additional Reading Courses may be required.

RLE5150 Foundations for Reading Instruction (3 cr)
RLE5250 Phonics (3 cr)
RLE5350 Reading Assessment (3 cr)
RLE5450 Content Literacy (3 cr)