Jan Inglis

Jan is presently doing program development and teaching in climate change-related courses within the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at Antioch University Midwest (AUM). She has previously taught the Culture and Conflict program in the Conflict Analysis and Engagement Master’s program at AUM, and the Environment, Conflict, and Justice Program in Peace Studies at Selkirk College. She has written and presented widely on topics of systemic change, and public engagement in complex issues especially related to climate change.  Such efforts integrate her education including a Ph.D in Social Sciences from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, an MS in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, University of Plymouth, UK, a BS in Occupational Therapy from University of Puget Sound, Washington, and a BA in Sociology/Psychology from Brandon University, Manitoba.

Jan’s work and studies have been motivated by questions regarding how people faced challenges and potentially found ways to transform the seemingly overwhelming situations they find themselves in. This has led her through several careers including a focus on individual well being as an occupational therapist and then as a body focused psychotherapist. Motivated to address pressing issues of collective social and ecological well being, her studies led her into adult development and complexity sciences and the field of citizen engagement, public issue analysis, decision making and deliberative democracy. Recognizing the challenges we as global citizens face in addressing climate change, stimulated another layer of study regarding global economics and governance, including how we have socially constructed unsustainable frameworks and need to co-construct more sustainable practices at many integrated scales. This study became the focus for her PhD dissertation.