Student and Alumni Profiles

Darshana Patel
Atlanta, Georgia
Organizational Change Consultant
Graduating 2012
Specialization: Organizational Conflict

CAE has enabled me to reach beyond traditional, prescriptive methods aimed at “resolving”  the conflict to assess and design approaches to harvest the constructive capacity – creativity and innovation – of conflictual situations. CAE has enhanced my skills in collaboration, facilitation, negotiation, and mediation – vital expertise in today’s workplace. CAE has had a profound impact on my self-awareness. How do I know what I know? What presence do I bring to a room? How am I making meaning of events? This expanded level of consciousness has elevated my leadership skills and my ability to generate change and results in all aspects of my personal and professional life. The heart of the CAE program is personal transformation. The skills and knowledge cannot simply be taught, they must be experienced; the journey has been worth it.” 


Katharine Wu
Centerville, Ohio
Independent Operational Executive & Career Consultant
Graduated September, 2010
Specialization: General

“As an independent consultant for operational excellence, program management and career coach, the CAE program enhances my career practice with an insight into my clients’ developmental needs. As a result, I am able to create a unique offer that helps professionals identify their career passions, assess their current skill gaps to improve their capacity to perform and accelerate progress towards their career goals. The CAE teaching also enhances my negotiation and facilitation skills in reaching group consensus for program management and operational excellence projects. The CAE program opened new windows for me to entertain many more perspectives and because of that; my personal relationships with myself, my family, my friends as well as my professional acquaintances are vastly improved. This more objective way of encouraging all perspectives ultimately leads to a less stressful, more enjoyable and effective way of life.”