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Individualized Master of Arts (IMA)

Choose from two concentrations: Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Science or Integrative Health Studies

Design Your Own Degree!
At Antioch University you can pursue your master of arts degree and have a life. Students at AUM have been individualizing their graduate study in many fields for more than 30 years. The Individualized Master of Arts Program offer qualified students a unique opportunity to pursue a master of arts degree through an individualized, low-residency program while continuing to live and work in their home communities. AUM is proud to offer master of arts degrees that advance your professional credentials in a rapidly changing world. 

Your Life. Your Degree. Your Success.
Pursuing an individualized master of arts degree does not mean students work in isolation. The IMA program builds a culture of collaboration that provides support, stimulation and challenge from which students are empowered to venture into their particular endeavors.The Individualized Master of Arts degree curriculum gives you the flexibility to tailor your coursework so that it matches your unique life circumstances, academic and professional interests, intellectual goals, and learning styles.

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The IMA program offers the following degree concentrations:

Students earn a Master of Arts degree (M.A.) with a concentration in their selected area. Students pursue their study on-line supported by three intensive on-campus residencies.

Recent Graduate Program Alumni Stories
master of artsAUM graduate and adjunct faculty, Karina MIrsky, is featured on the Winter 2012 cover of Yoga International Magazine, and was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post for her work with people with disabilities. Karina received her Master of Arts degree in Individualized Studies, with a concentration in East-West Psychology, in 2009. She is the Director of Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo, MI, and a faculty member of the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. She also facilitates annual yoga retreats with True Nature Education in Costa Rica. Read More

Read the recent Detroit Free Press article about Antioch graduate Kevin Roberts who is using his IMA degree in ADHD Studies to help kids in suburban Detroit. Kevin also just published a new book.

Azuka’s story exemplifies the unique advantages of the Individualized Master of Arts program. Her Azuka-MuMin-2012-Black-BKGD-small-200x300IMA program design drew on aspects of political science, sociology, and education. Azuka primarily utilized the theoretical model of optimal psychology– developed by a leading authority in the field, Dr. Linda James Myers, who served as her mentor and one of her course instructors. Azuka explored the “connectedness of everything,” looking at more inclusive approaches of engaging people across racial and social class divisions. In the context of critical race theory, she investigated the concept of the other, and learned how social constructions of identities obscure decision-making based on power and privilege. Azuka now holds the position of Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, & Partnerships at COSI (Center for Science and Industry, Columbus,OH). Read More

ima-student-stories-whitehouseMs. Vernetta R. Willett at the White House
Meet talented and passionate Vernetta R. Willett, student in the IMA Program at Antioch University Midwest, where she explores how music education enhances literacy development in Middle Schoolers. Ms. Willett shared with us her remarkable story of performing for President and Mrs. Obama at the White House in December 2012. Read more