Guy Burneko

guy burnekoPh.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts(ILA), Emory
University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Master of Arts in English, University of Alaska at Fairbanks
Bachelor of Arts in English, Philosophy Minor, Fordham University,

Dr. Burneko is a teacher, writer, and thinker especially interested in transdisciplinary intercultural interpretation and what he calls the Global Noetic Repertoire of nondual or nonreductive insights, as these seem sustaining and meaningful for future consciousness and suited for sustainable natural and ecohumane systems.

This interest emerges in the Institute for Contemporary Ancient Learning he is creating and is expressed in his recent book, By the Torch of Chaos and Doubt: Consciousness, Culture,Poiesis and Religion in the Opening Global Millennium and in more recent writing in the Journal of Chinese Philosophy and elsewhere. Other interests include hermeneutic ontology, analytical psychology, ecology and religion (and Thomas Berry), social justice and theory of self-organizing systems.