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Sara Nora Ross

Dr. Sara Ross is core faculty in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs at Antioch University Midwest: The Individualized Master of Arts, and the MA in Management and Change Leadership. She has taught courses in each of the programs. In addition, she is faculty coordinator for the Individualized MA in Policy Studies with Antioch University Connected. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Psychology and Political Development from Union Institute & University. She has published and delivered numerous articles and conference papers on topics including adult development psychology, socio-political development, civic engagement, complex issues, deliberative decision making, developmental complexity science, and neurophysics therapy theory. She also helps others get published: She co-founded two academic journals (Integral Review and Terrorism Research), served as editor or editorial board member of several other journals, and continues in such roles today. She is active in and has held a number of leadership roles in the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences.
Alongside her earlier career in accountancy and organizational consulting, including as a CPA, Sara had additional pursuits. One set of pursuits was designing and implementing programs for adult, community, and leadership development, and doing spiritual direction ministry and life coaching. Another set was independent theoretical research and action research in communities. Learning from those pursuits, she developed The Integral Process for Complex Issues (TIP; 2002). TIP develops people’s capacity to analyze conflictual issues—e.g., systemic or “wicked problems”—and to deliberate complex decisions about actions to address them. Wise organizational and public policy making demand such analysis and deliberation about how to manage and improve our complex social and environmental systems.