Individualized Master of Arts – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to earn my degree?
Anywhere between 18 and 48 months, depending on how many courses you take each semester, and on whether you are transferring prior experiential learning or transcripted coursework (9 semester credits max) from other universities. In order to graduate you need to have completed 36 semester credits. That works out to 12 courses.

Scenario I: Eighteen Months Plan

  • You start spring, 2013. You transfer in 9 credits of prior learning—this equals 3 three credit courses
  • You take 2 courses, spring, summer, fall, 2013—this equals 6 three credit courses
  • The following spring, 2014, you take another 2 courses, and finish up with you last course in summer, 2014.

Scenario II: Twenty- Eight Months Plan

  • You start spring, 2013. You don’t bring any prior learning.
  • 2013: You take 1 course in spring, 2 in summer, 1 in fall= 5 courses
  • 2014: You follow the same pattern, 1 course in spring and fall, 2 courses in summer= 5 courses
  • 2015: you take 2 courses in spring and complete your 12 courses.

Scenario III: Forty-Eight Months Plan

  • 2013: start in spring, no prior learning credits. One course each term, spring, summer, fall. = 3 courses
  • 2014: same plan= 3 courses
  • 2015: same plan: 3 courses
  • 2016: same plan: 3 courses
Do I have to live in Ohio?
No. Our students live all over the country, sometimes even abroad. We meet face to face during the residencies on our Antioch Midwest campus, two or three times during your program. Beyond that the flexibility of low residency distance programs allows students to participate in coursework from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a high speed internet connection and an up-to-date laptop.
Do you accept international students?
Yes. Students living abroad may be eligible to attend our online campus. For more information please contact Sarah Klemm at 937-769-1831 or
How much do our programs cost?
Please consult the tuition and fees page outline on our homepage /admissions/masters-degrees/tuition-fees/
Is financial aid available?
Yes. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. /financial-aid/
How do I apply for admission?
Please contact Sarah Klemm at 937-769-1831 or
Are transfer graduate credits accepted in your programs?
Yes, we accept a maximum of 9 semester credits, if students meet the following criteria.

  • Credits must be approved by Antioch University Midwest faculty as an appropriate substitute for a designated program course.
  • Credits must have been earned at a regionally accredited institution.
  • Credits must be for courses at the graduate level (500 level and above).
  • Credits must be for courses taken three or fewer years prior to entrance into the current program.
  • Credits must be for courses in which the student has earned a “B” (or equivalent) or better.
Is the Individualized Master of Arts degree accredited?
Yes, Antioch University Midwest is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
Can I still work if I attend full time?
Yes, most of our students are working professionals.
What kind of education and experience do the faculty members have?
All our faculty members are active scholar practitioners. They hold master’s or doctoral degrees, and have substantial experience in the fields they teach. For more detailed information please visit our IMA faculty page: /academics/individualized-master-of-arts/faculty-staff/
What type of computer and technology skills do I need?
Students are required to have a computer with internet access (laptop needed at first residency with wireless capability), and the MS Office software suite of applications. Firefox is the preferred browser for maximum performance with AUM’s online course management program. Students are expected to have the following basic technological skills upon entrance into the program.

  • Use an internet browser and a search engine
  • Use basic word processing in Microsoft Word (this is required software)
  • Send and receive email with and without attached documents
Will I be missing the give and take of a conventional classroom?
We offer a highly personal and interactive learning experience. Many students find our programs more interactive and engaging than sitting in a classroom because every student has the opportunity to participate.

You will interact with faculty and students in weekly online and phone discussions. Instructors are available via e-mail, or phone, during the course if needed. Written feedback on assignments is another way faculty members interact with learners. Additional opportunities to connect with faculty occur during the required 3-day residencies.

How will I be supported as an adult learner in a distance program?
There are several support services available to students, including a writing center and tech support. Our faculty and staff are easily accessible and always willing to help. In addition, advisors help you plan your program, adjust the plan as needed, and assist with any other academic matters.
Do you use letter grades or a pass-fail system?
We use a pass-fail system. Your work in a course either meets, or doesn’t meet, graduate level expectations equivalent to a B or better grade. To pass means you demonstrated your accomplishment of course learning objectives. No letter grades are issued. If your employer requires letter-grade-equivalents, you may request them.

For more detailed information please review Academic Evaluation and Letter Grade Equivalency Policy.

What if I still have questions?
Please contact Sarah Klemm at 937-769-1831 or

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