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Dr. Cherise HarstonCherise Hairston has been an adjunct instructor in Antioch University Midwest graduate programs since 2013. She supervises graduate student practicum experiences, has taught Conflict Resolution Program courses, and served as workshop and residency faculty. She completed her doctoral studies (all but dissertation) in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Nova Southeastern University, earning honors as an Advanced Practitioner in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She holds her MA in Conflict Resolution from Antioch University Midwest and BA in Political Science with a minor in Women’s Studies from Miami University.

A long-time reflective scholar-practitioner, she brings more than 20 years of academic and professional experience in the field.  She is a team member with the Dayton Mediation Center, one of the premier community mediation centers nationally that conducts more than 700 mediations annually. Mentored by Robert Baruch Bush and Joseph Folgers, creators of the “Transformative Approach” to mediation theory and practice, Cherise is a Certified Transformative Mediator©. She specializes in community mediation, facilitation, case management, and volunteer mediator management, helping develop new mediation centers and programs.  She is an organizational team building consultant, conflict management systems designer for schools and organizations, conflict coach, group process facilitator, and an independent writer and researcher.