Course Repeat Policy

Students may pay for and repeat any course previously taken for which the student received a No Credit (NC) evaluation. Students will work with their faculty advisors to identify the appropriate academic term for the student to register for the repeated course. Both courses will remain on the student’s transcript. Repeating a course may extend the student’s time for degree or certificate.

Failure to complete a repeated course on the second attempt may result in the student being placed on academic probation or withdrawal, based on faculty recommendation. Failure to successfully complete a repeated course on the third attempt may result in automatic withdrawal from the program.

While undergraduate students may normally repeat once any course previously taken, they may petition for a third attempt to satisfy certificate or degree requirements. Students must document the measures that they have taken to ensure success on the third round. A third attempt must be recommended by the program chair, and approved by the Director of the School of Liberal Studies. If a third attempt is approved, the student signs a learning contract indicating understanding of and agreement with what is required for continued enrollment in the program.

The above course repeat policy does not apply to a course for which a No Credit grade was issued as a sanction due to a violation of the university’s Plagiarism policy. Such a course may be repeated only upon recommendation by the program chair and approval by the Director of the School of Liberal Studies.