Graduation and Commencement Policy


A student’s graduation date falls on the last day of the academic term in which all degree requirements have been met. When a student completes the work required by the academic program (evaluations for all courses or learning components, all required documentation, and if required, thesis approved for binding), the student’s academic file will be audited by the Registrar’s Office to make certain that the permanent record is complete. Only then can a final transcript and diploma be generated.

The student must declare his/her intention to complete his/her program as s/he enters what is anticipated to be their second to last term. This is accomplished on the Graduation Application form, which is available in the Registrar’s Office or online. If required by the student’s graduate program, s/he must have attained candidacy status and/or expect their thesis to be approved for binding.

It should be reasonable to anticipate completing all academic work during this two-term period. In order to graduate, the following steps are taken:

  1. The student must submit to the Registrar’s Office a completed Graduation Application form and pay the graduation fee. This should take place in the second to last term.
  2. The student must make certain that his/her student account is paid in full (including the graduation fee).
  3. If receiving financial aid, the student must conduct an exit interview with the Financial Aid Office (which can be accomplished on-line on our web site).

When the above criteria have been met, students can expect to receive his/her final transcripts and diploma within one month of completing degree Graduation and Commencement Policies requirements. Diploma covers are provided at the commencement ceremony.


Students who have successfully completed all requirements in their academic program, or whom the Registrar’s office determines will complete their requirements no later than the summer term, are encouraged to participate in the annual commencement ceremony in the summer. Additional information regarding times, announcements, regalia, etc. can be obtained from the Student Administrative Services Division.

Students should finalize these arrangements at least two months prior to the scheduled commencement ceremony.