Incomplete Grade Policy

The grade of Incomplete (INC) may be assigned at the discretion of an instructor, provided that three criteria are met:

  • There are extenuating circumstances, explained to the instructor before the assignment of the grade, which clearly justify an extension of time beyond the requirements established for other students in the class. A student’s desire to avoid an unsatisfactory evaluation is not a legitimate reason to award an incomplete.
  • The student has been passing the course at the time that the Incomplete is awarded.
  • Only a small segment of work remains, such that it can be completed with little or no additional instruction from the faculty member and within the time frame established by AUM.

Instructor-Initiated Incomplete

An instructor may assign an incomplete if the student has turned in all work and has completed all course requirements, but a portion of the student’s work is unacceptable and needs to be improved before credit can be awarded. The instructor enters an Incomplete on the narrative evaluation form and specifies the criteria by which the student may satisfy course requirements.

In a case of suspected academic dishonesty where the instructor has not reached a final determination by the time a final grade is due, a grade of Incomplete may be appropriate. The above reporting criteria will apply except that only award of Incomplete need be recorded; specifics will be recorded as specified in the plagiarism policy.

Student-Initiated Incomplete

Students who are unable to complete all requirements by the end of the course may request an Incomplete (INC) by completing and submitting to the instructor the Incomplete Request Form on or before the last day of the class. The instructor will assess the request against the criteria listed above. If the request is approved, the instructor will complete a narrative evaluation form that documents the INC and specifies the work to be completed and the deadline for submission.


The amount of additional time a student is allowed to make up incomplete work should serve to accommodate the student while being fair to the other students in the course. Unless an instructor or academic unit sets an earlier deadline, the general deadline for making up Incomplete grades from the previous term is the end of the withdraw period for the following academic term. The specific date for each term is indicated on the Registrar’s Academic Calendar.

The burden of removing the Incomplete is on the student. The instructor will maintain reasonable availability, but is under no obligation to be accessible at specific times. Students should plan to complete their make-up work and satisfy the Incomplete requirements well in advance of the deadline.

Met Incomplete Requirements

After the course work is completed at a satisfactory level, the instructor assigns Credit on a Change of Grade form and an updated narrative evaluation, which are submitted to the Registrar by the academic program office for processing.

Unmet Incomplete Requirements

If the required work is not completed by the due date, the INC will convert to NC. Incompletes that have changed to No Credit will not be changed to Credit at a later date. In order to obtain credit for a course in which a student has received a No Credit, the student must register in, pay for, and satisfy all requirements of the course again.

Impact of Incomplete on Satisfactory

Academic Progress

A grade of INC counts negatively toward the satisfactory academic progress standard. In other words, the course for which a student has an incomplete is included in the calculation of attempted and completed credits for the purpose of assessing satisfactory academic progress.

Notes on “In-Progress” courses:

  • Grades of “In Progress” (INP) are assigned when the course is not finished by the end of the term, and there is no expectation that the student will have earned credit.
  • Students have two additional terms (including summer) from the end of the term in which the student initially registered for the course to complete a course with a grade of INP. For example, a student who registers for EDL6920 Internship in Fall 2013 has until the end of Summer 2014 to post credit.
  • Work to complete a course with a grade of INP is due to the instructor no later than two weeks before the end of the second additional academic term.
  •  Courses with grades of INP will convert to No Credit if credit is not posted by the deadline. Students may not request an incomplete for courses with grades of INP.