For general questions, please contact Susan Crown, (937) 769-1821

Graduation forms can be picked up in the Registrar’s office, student lounge or you may download the form here.

Q: What is a graduation application and when should I submit one?
A: The graduation application is a form that students need to submit during the semester prior to the quarter they envision as their last semester. This form triggers a graduation audit and is used to order diplomas.
Q: What is the cost associated with the graduation form?
A: The cost is $80.00.
Q: Once my graduation application is in, what else do I need to do for commencement?
A: You will need to complete the Commencement Participation form no later than February 1st. You will also need to order your cap and gown through KeyPlus. If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Heacock by email at
Q: What is my graduation date?
A: The last day of the semester in which you complete program requirements is your official graduation date. Do not confuse this with the day that commencement occurs. The commencement ceremony is held once a year for all graduates during the preceding school year. For each commencement there will be students representing three actual graduation dates.
Q: When will I receive my diploma?
A: Diplomas will not be ordered until program requirements are complete and a graduation application has been submitted. Student diploma orders are placed when program requirements have been completed, including completion of the Financial Aid Exit Interview, and all bills paid in full. Orders do not come back from the printer for up to four weeks. Once we receive the order we will mail it to the student within a few days.