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Antioch University’s learner-centered approach to teaching and flexible learning includes designing program delivery models that meet the needs of adult learners. We offer online, blended, and classroom-based programs.

Blended or Hybrid Programs

Blended or hybrid programs incorporate both online learning with periods of time when students attend sessions on campus or a weekend retreat. They are also known as low-residency programs.  The online coursework is completed using the platform of Sakai.

The number of days required in residency varies widely by academic program, from one week per academic year to one week per month. The following are the academic programs offered by Antioch University Midwest that are blended programs.

Low Residency Benefits

Residencies are an important component of the coursework.

The residencies contribute to the development of a learning community, which helps to sustain the student during the at-home portion of the academic program.

The low residency model provides the:

  • Ability to participate from home or anywhere in the world that has Internet access
  • Opportunity to complete a graduate program while continuing to meet obligations to family, work and community
  • Venue to engage with leading scholars in the field

Residencies are frequently hosted on AUM’s campus in Yellow Springs and have also been hosted at venues such as Grailville in Loveland, Ohio, a retreat center located 35 miles from Cincinnati.

Classroom Programs

Classroom-based programs are those for which predominant place for the scheduled instructional activities is the classroom. Depending upon the academic programs, courses may be offered during the day, during the evening, or on the weekends. In addition, classroom-based programs may include field trips, studio sessions and off-campus activities, as well as supplementary online learning activities. The following academic programs are classroom based programs at Antioch University Midwest.

Online Programs

Online programs do not require any time on campus. In this method, all courses as well as student services are offered online. At this time, Antioch University Midwest does not offer any program that is purely online.