Sakai-Antioch University Online Learning Management System

Through the Sakai learning management system Antioch University Midwest is able to offer fully online courses and more robust online components in our face-to-face classes. Online course components can vary from simple posting of assignments to requiring that each student participate in a forum devoted to a particular reading or topic. Written posts permit a level of discourse that can be more nuanced than might be possible in classroom discussion, but remain more informal than a writing assignment.

Benefits of the Sakai Learning Environment

  • Access your course materials, assignments, and lessons at anytime from any place – earn your degree while keeping your job and residence.
  • Flexibility in attending lessons and completing assignments – while deadlines still exist in the online environment you can choose when to study. That is learning that fits your time and your schedule!
  • Connect your work to your learning – Instructors give the opportunity to connect your current and past experiences to the course content.
  • Connect with students nationally and internationally – during courses you will interact and get to know students with a wide variety of backgrounds and locations.

Sakai Software Features

The Sakai software includes many tools to help you explore, discuss, and share the content of your online courses with faculty and other students.

General AUM Classroom Collaboration tools

The following screenshot shows you what the Sakai platform interface looks like when on a course page. The area outlined in red show the essential communication and resource tools you will use during the course. This section of the page is discussed in more detail in the following figure. *Note instructors have flexibility on what features of Sakai they use so you may find the Sakai tabs different from course to course.

Sakai welcome page


Sakai Menu