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You can find more information about specific undergraduate, graduate, or certificate and endorsement programs in the academics section.

Contact us at: 937-769-1818 or admission.aum@antioch.edu.

Admissions staff:

Office of Admissions

We welcome your questions and comments regarding our academic programs. Further information may be directed according to your interests to the following people:

Amy Benson
Enrollment Recruiter/ Counselor
Coordinator for Colocation with Sinclair College in Mason
Assists students with last name staring A-F
Undergraduate Program Lead
Phone (937) 769-1822

 Sarah Klemm
Enrollment Recruiter/ Counselor
Assists students with last name staring P-Z
Graduate Programs Lead
Student Enrollment & Coaches Lead
Phone (937) 769-1831

 Arlyn Love
Enrollment Services Director
Phone (937) 769-1823

Laurette Nichols
Enrollment Recruiter/ Counselor
Veteran Liason
Phone (937) 769-1812

 Jayne Richeson
Administrative Division Coordinator
Communications Plan, Website, Data Management
Phone (937) 769-1896

 Donna Robinson
Administrative Assistant
Reception, Processing
Phone (937) 769-1818

 Merri Shearer
Enrollment and Recruitment Advisor
Assists students with last name staring G-O
Education Programs Lead
Phone (937) 769-1658

Admissions Fax (937) 769-1804

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