Sinclair and Clark State grads, You’re In!

AUM SinclairClark woURL.inddYour hard work has paid off!  As a recent graduate of Sinclair Community College or Clark State Community College, you are provisionally accepted into the Bachelor of Arts program at Antioch University Midwest (AUM).

What does this mean?  It means you can get to work on your bachelor’s degree in a variety of majors.  Over the course of your career, having your bachelor’s degree increases your earnings potential by a half million dollars, on average.*

Admission agreements between Sinclair, Clark State and Antioch University Midwest allow for seamless transfer of your credits.

There are three sequential steps to successfully beginning your journey with Antioch University Midwest. All of these steps must be completed to formalize your acceptance into the Bachelor of Arts program.

  • Step #1: Complete AUM’s Admission Application.  Click here to complete our online application form.
  • Step #2: Send your official Sinclair or Clark State transcripts to Antioch University Midwest, 900 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
  • Step #3: Participate in New Student Orientation (details to follow).

Congratulations again on your provisional acceptance and look forward to your participation in the AUM community.

Questions? Call us at 937-769-1818 or email us at