Ways to Get Involved

Commencement is the Beginning. Become a Committed Alumna or Alumnus!

AUM-alumni2If you are interested in getting involved as an Antioch Midwest alumna or alumnus, please send us an email with your interests at alumni.aum@antioch.edu.


  • Mentor a new grad in your profession
  • Mentor a current student
  • Hire AUM graduates
  • Be a contact for alumni moving to your city
  • Plan and/or host an event for alumni in your field

Student Recruiter

  • Send letters to potential students
  • Call accepted students
  • Encourage everyone you meet who is seeking further education to consider AUM
  • Recommend AUM names of prospective students


  • Always mention AUM in your credentials
  • Put an AUM decal in your car
  • Wear AUM merchandise
  • Write articles for the newsletter
  • Display your diploma in your office or classroom
  • Mention AUM when addressing the public
  • Recommend AUM faculty as speakers for organizations with which you are involved


  • Send us your contact information
  • Keep us abreast of your personal and professional accomplishments
  • Read our newsletter

Network Builder

  • Become a network organizer
  • Help plan and/or host network events
  • Attend local network events on behalf of AUM


  • Help plan or host AUMAA breakfasts at orientation
  • Offer your home or place of business for alumni gatherings
  • Serve on the reunion committee
  • Communicate with the students as they move toward alumni status


  • Make a gift
  • Speak about philanthropy at AUM - keep tuition affordable
  • Remember AUM in your will