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Sunny D Sees Big Growth Through Big Data

We recently wrote about the push for more data-driven decision making among America’s top businesses. This trend is driving demand for managers who can interpret data and translate it into actionable business strategy. Recently, CIO magazine reported on one firm that effectively leveraged data to increase sales by roughly $2 million per year. Here is a bit of what they wrote:

Analytics software has helped Sunny Delight Beverages boost profits by roughly $2 million a year and trim $195,000 in staffing costs annually, says CIO Shawn Roberts. The cloud application, which Roberts settled on with the help of several business managers, allows the company’s business departments to determine the investment for promotions as well as make adjustments to curb wasteful spending on overtime and pricey transportation options. 

You can read the full article from CIO here.

Stories like this are precisely why Antioch University Midwest offers a management degree with a data analytics concentration and a Data Analytics Certificate program for existing management professionals. AUM created these programs to prepare business leaders for the job marketplace of tomorrow, which is rapidly becoming the job marketplace of today. The more firms connect data analysis with success, the more they will seek out managers who can use data effectively.

Contact AUM today to learn how we can set you on the path toward success.

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Bringing Our Dyslexia Certificate Program to Teachers Everywhere

There are only 17 International Dyslexia Association (IDA) accredited dyslexia certificate programs in the world, and Antioch University Midwest is proud to offer one of them. Unfortunately, dyslexia is not limited by geography. It affects 20% of students across the United States.

Teachers everywhere need access to the tools and techniques that help students with dyslexia achieve their full potential. That is why AUM is now offering our IDA accredited Dyslexia Certificate program online. Through our distance-learning program, educators around the nation can now access the most up-to-date techniques for empowering students with dyslexia.

The deadline to register for the fall 2015 Dyslexia Certificate program is October 5th. Classes will begin October 12th. In addition to the new online option, AUM will continue to offer on-site classes, as well as blended options that offer online learning and face-to-face time with educators.

Contact AUM to learn more about our Dyslexia Certificate program and our mission to bring it to educators everywhere.

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A Campus Built with Adult Education in Mind

AUM CampusThe “college experience” is an important component of post-secondary education. So, when you decide to earn your degree or continue your education, it is important to seek out the college experience that is right for you. Some students want a college that lets them play hacky sack in the shadow of ancient buildings. Others are looking to “get lost and find yourself.” But, we recognize that type of college experience isn’t for everyone.

At Antioch University Midwest, we specialize in helping men and women improve their lives through education. Our students are professionals looking to enhance their career, adults looking to complete their education or obtain an advanced degree, and undergraduates who want a clear path toward graduation. We are sensitive to the needs of our students and make the most of their valuable time by removing the hassles that plague larger universities.

Students arriving at AUM can park for free, enter a safe learning environment and get to class in just a few short steps. That same ease of access extends to our faculty. We employ some of the world’s top teaching talent, offer cutting-edge courses and prepare men and women for the careers of the future, such as healthcare administration and data analytics. We just do it without all that… other stuff.

Give us a call to learn more about what Antioch University Midwest can do for you.

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Warren County Partnership

Antioch University Midwest and Warren County Educational Service Center to Offer Discounted Programs in Educational Leadership

Partnership is one of many new initiatives with educational organizations designed to help students advance their careers


In the latest of Antioch University Midwest’s (AUM) partnerships with external organizations to offer new, flexible learning opportunities for adult students, it has launched three new programs with the Warren County Educational Service Center (Warren County ESC) in Lebanon, Ohio. The programs include a Master of Education in Educational  Leadership, with a Professional Concentration in Coaching and Mentoring, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership leading to a second license in Special Education – Mild to Moderate, and a licensure program to obtain a second teaching license only in Special Education – Mild to Moderate. They combine on-site and online learning at a discounted rate to make it easier than ever for students to earn a master’s degree in Education (MEd) and a teaching license at a reduced rate.

“The traditional higher education model where students go away to school for four or more years isn’t flexible, affordable or tailored enough for today’s modern adult learner,” said Hays Moulton, Chair of Advanced Programs for the School of Education at Antioch University Midwest. “Our approach to partnering with high quality institutions offers career-minded students more options to fit school into their professional lives without sacrificing their personal ones.”

Warren County ESC provides resources to educators and school districts to create positive learning opportunities for students, and is uniquely positioned to dovetail with AUM’s nationally recognized School of Education. AUM recently announced cooperative partnerships with Sinclair Community College and Clark State Community College in the Dayton area.

The latest innovative partnership with Warren County ESC features an accelerated curriculum where courses are completed in seven weeks, and combine personal on-site classes in Lebanon with flexible online learning. Classes are taught through the cohort model where academic peers collaborate closely on all coursework, building a student’s network and perspectives. The reduced rate per credit hour and financial aid options make the programs more affordable than those offered through traditional institutions, and the programs are fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

AUM and Warren County ESC are currently accepting applications to the program. Applications for Fall semester are due Monday, October 5 and classes begin Monday, October 12. Applications for classes starting in January will be accepted through Friday, December 11. Learn more at or call 937-769-1818 for more information.

About Warren County Educational Service Center

WarrenCountyESCThe Warren County Educational Service Center believes that education is a cooperative process that involves administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community in promoting excellent educational programs through a constant cycle of diagnosis of need, implementation and evaluation. Recognizing that each district is unique and diverse, programs and services are designed to enhance the sharing of resources and working together cooperatively. Our ultimate goal is for all students to have positive learning opportunities which we strive to achieve through teamwork, effective leadership and mutual support.


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Forbes Confirms Corporate Investment in Big Data

Recently, Forbes announced the results of a study, conducted in collaboration with Teradata and McKinsey, on the adoption and implementation of “big data” strategies at large global companies. The results are a powerful affirmation of the need for data-literate management professionals.

Insights like those in the Forbes report are precisely what drove Antioch University Midwest to create a Data Analytics Certificate program for individuals looking to complete or enhance a degree in management. Here is a bit of what Forbes found by interviewing over 300 global executives:

  1. Big Data is Among the Most Important Issues Facing Executives

59% of participants in the study ranked big data among the top five ways to generate a competitive advantage. Many said they considered it to be number one.

  1. Big Data Technology is Established, but Data-Driven Management Lags Behind

51% of participants in the study listed adapting and refining a data-driven strategy as a significant cultural challenge within their organization. 47% reported problems leveraging data to improve the customer experience.

  1. Managers Able to Derive Insight from Data are in High Demand

Data-literate managers are in increasingly high demand. 47% of executives surveyed reported problems finding individuals with the skills to identify innovations in data.

At Antioch University Midwest, we are in the business of educating professionals for success. We developed our Data Analytics Certificate program to capitalize on the increasing demand for business leaders who can leverage data to create opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the impact a Data Analytics Certificate could have on your career, contact us today.

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#SmarterThanYouThink Campaign Lets You Experience Dyslexia

This summer, Dyslexia International launched #SmarterThanYouThink, a project that lets participants experience first-hand the trials some individuals with dyslexia face every day. As you will see in the video below, men and women were asked to audition by reading a script designed to make them feel as if they had dyslexia.

Did you know that 15-20% of the population lives with dyslexia? Awareness campaigns like #SmarterThanYouThink are just the tip of the iceberg in the growing social consensus that more must be done to help those with dyslexia. Schools around the country are adopting teaching techniques tailored to the needs of dyslexic students, and teachers certified to teach these individuals are in high demand.

Antioch University Midwest’s Dyslexia Certificate Program is one of only 17 programs in the United States accredited by the International Dyslexia Association. The program, which now can be taken in an online format as well as in a traditional classroom setting, offers undergraduate students, teachers and parents the opportunity to understand the neurological foundations of dyslexia, learn how to identify and assess students with dyslexia and study the latest research-based strategies for teaching these students.

Click here for more information.


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Picture Yourself as a Healthcare Administration Professional

Health Admin at work

When people think of careers in healthcare administration, the image that comes to mind is often a busy individual behind a desk of papers and forms. While that career path certainly exists – men and women able to navigate the notoriously complex medical field are in high demand – a degree in health administration opens the door to a wide array of employment opportunities. Here are a few exciting careers you may find yourself in after obtaining degree at Antioch University Midwest:


1. Practice Administrator – The Super Manager

Practice Administrators oversee all of the day-to-day operations of private practices such as doctors’ offices. This is a job for someone who loves to be in control. Your job is to manage hundreds of moving parts, from records, to accounts to the doctors themselves and keep them all moving like a well-oiled machine.

2. Laboratory Administrator – The Behind The Scenes Wizard

The archetypal scientist is passionate about their work, but slightly oblivious to the more mundane details of the world. Of course, this characterization doesn’t apply to all scientists, but even the most fastidious researcher could work better with support from an ace laboratory administrator. This is the perfect job for someone who wants to keep the world-changing discoveries of tomorrow on the right track.

3. Psychiatric Rehab Manager – The Unshakable Foundation

Psychiatric Rehab Managers have to be ready for anything. Mental illness can be a whirlwind of change and emotion for patients and caregivers. The ideal psychiatric researcher is a rock, providing stability and service in a chaotic environment.

Can you see yourself in one of these roles? Maybe you would be interested in working in the pharmaceutical industry, managing a nursing home or helping people find the right health insurance. Wherever you see yourself, the first step is contacting Antioch University Midwest for more information on a degree in Healthcare Administration.

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Dyslexia Certificate Program Goes Online

Dyslexia Certificate Program Goes Online

Program is one of only seventeen in the United States accredited
by the International Dyslexia Association

Antioch University Midwest (AUM) has added its Dyslexia Certificate program to the growing number of professional development and degree programs available through online coursework. By offering the program online, it makes the training much more convenient for current teachers, parents, and dyslexia advocates, while adding flexibility to course schedules for current students pursuing graduate degrees in education. The certificate program is also available in a blended format that offers both distance and in-person learning opportunities with AUM’s faculty.

“Dyslexia affects one in five children in the United States, and many states – including Ohio – require all education programs to address best practices for working with students with dyslexia,” said Genya Devoe, teaching faculty at AUM’s School of Education. “Making sure this aspect of our program is as accessible as possible not only adds a valuable skill to a teacher’s credentials, this training positively impacts the lives of children who are working to overcome specific learning disabilities in reading.”

The two-year program is offered as a stand-alone certificate or as a professional concentration for students pursuing a Master of Education in Educational Leadership. As one of the only seventeen dyslexia programs in the U.S. accredited by the International Dyslexia Association, the training is tailored for current teachers, students working toward a teaching degree, as well as parents and advocates for children with dyslexia. The first online offering will begin October 12 and is designed to meet the needs of K-12 classroom educators.

To apply to the program, students must have earned a bachelor’s degree.  Students may apply online or learn more by visiting, calling 937-769-1818 or attending a virtual or in-person information session.

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Al Guskin Retirement

Antioch University Distinguished Professor, Former President, Chancellor and Humanitarian, Al Guskin, Announces Retirement

Lengthy career of service includes inspiring change and helping found the Peace Corps

Al GuskinAlan (Al) E. Guskin, a leading voice in higher education leadership and innovation, will retire at the end of August after a 30-year career with Antioch University and timeless legacy of helping others. A distinguished university professor at Antioch University’s PhD program in Leadership and Change, as well as the university’s President Emeritus, Guskin has held many leadership positions in higher education. He is also credited with leading the University of Michigan student group widely recognized for persuading John F. Kennedy to establish the Peace Corps in 1960.

“Whether on a global scale or through efforts of the university community, Al understands the components of inspiring change from within,” said Antioch University Chancellor Felice Nudelman. “His contributions have made a difference in the lives of many, many people not only directly, but exponentially, by sharing his knowledge with others who carry forth his tradition of stimulating meaningful social change.”

Guskin was President of Antioch University and Antioch College simultaneously from 1985 to 1994 and after a university reorganization, Chancellor of Antioch University from 1994 to 1997. Among his accomplishments, Guskin who has worked for more than four decades as a teacher, leader, administrator, and tireless advocate for social justice, was a driving force in the creation of the PhD in Leadership and Change program at Antioch University.

Guskin’s prior work in higher education leadership includes serving as Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1975 to 1985, Acting President at Clark University from 1973 to 1974, and Provost of Clark University from 1971 to 1973. He has held faculty positions at the University of Michigan as well as Clark University, University of Wisconsin-Parkside and Antioch University, where he shares his extensive life of service mentoring others to do the same.

After graduating from Brooklyn College in 1958, Guskin attended the University of Michigan to earn a PhD in social psychology. While a graduate student in 1960, he was initiator and a leader of the student group on the Ann Arbor campus that is widely credited with persuading John F. Kennedy to establish the Peace Corps.

Guskin interrupted his graduate education in 1961 to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in the first group to go to Thailand as a university faculty member at the Faculty of Education at Chulalongkorn University. From 1964 to 1965 he served as a senior administrator in the creation of the domestic Peace Corps, VISTA. The following year, he directed the Florida Farm Worker Program, a poverty initiative serving 14 counties in southern Florida.

Guskin has presented to countless professional organizations, consulted with prestigious groups on the topics of change in higher education, and shared his expertise through serving on many educational and humanitarian boards and leadership councils. As noted in remarks he recently shared at an Antioch University event to celebrate his career, in retirement he hopes to continue working with and supporting others who are committed to higher educational change while also spending more time with his wife, Dr. Lois LaShell, and his daughters and grandchildren. Guskin and his wife live in Edmonds, WA and spend part of the year in Walnut Creek, CA near two of their three daughters and two grandsons.


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New Healthcare Administration and Data Analytics Programs

Future Workforce Demands Shape New Programs at Antioch University Midwest

Healthcare Administration and Data Analytics concentration in Management now offered

In response to a strong demand in the emerging job market, Antioch University Midwest (AUM) recently launched Healthcare Administration and Data Analytics concentrations for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees and working professionals who embrace continuing education. These programs will also be available as professional certificates and can be taken individually. The new programs further enhance the AUM curriculum, geared towards adult learners, and have been described by Dr. Karen Schuster Webb, president of AUM, as “a reflection of their desire to be proactive and innovative.”

The Healthcare Administration program is designed to deliver pertinent and innovative approaches to the changing healthcare landscape. “Healthcare providers and affiliated businesses – doctors offices, hospitals, labs, outpatient surgery centers, long-term care facilities, insurance and managed-care companies – need Healthcare Administrators who understand the critical issues and trends in the healthcare industry and possess the leadership skills needed to oversee a successful office or practice,” noted Dr. Webb. The concentration is designed to fulfill that need and can be added as a concentration to either a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness or Management.

The second concentration focuses on the heightened interest in the area of data analytics. “Students can expect to gain a better understanding of analytics tools, apply process and reporting techniques, and learn how best to wield the power of big data in smart ways,” said Dr. Bill Hochstettler, professor of Data Analytics at AUM. The program’s demand is a reflection of communication technology trends. “We are meeting that demand with effective and ethical approaches to savvy business empowerment,” he added.

Antioch University Midwest’s certificate programs can be counted as academic credit and are carefully designed to increase knowledge in given fields, advance careers and expand skillsets. Taking a year or less to complete, the programs serve as a tremendous benefit to working professionals and students alike. For more information, visit, or contact our Admissions team at 937-769-1818 or

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