Online Bookstore

The Antioch University Midwest bookstore is now online. The goal to deliver course materials to students at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

Antioch Midwest is working to ensure students order the correct books and materials required for their course.

When students order course materials from vendors not affiliated with Antioch Midwest, they risk receiving incomplete or out of date materials–like the wrong edition of a textbook.

All course materials are organized by instructor and course name.

We know textbook affordability is an increasing concern across the country. That’s why we’re doing all that we can to save you the most money. Through our partnership with MBS Direct, we offer you several cost-savings options that significantly reduce the cost of course materials. Take a look:

  • Marketplace: Saves up to 95% by connecting you with private vendors selling a specific title. Plus, each vendor is vetted for quality of service to ensure a safe and seamless experience.
  • Guaranteed Buyback: At the time of purchase, you will see the exact buyback amount you will receive later. When combined with used textbooks, you benefit from up to 70% savings!
  • Rental: Powered by Renttext, our program provides upfront savings of up to 60% with no hidden fees or penalties!
  • Digital: Save up to 80% off the list price and receive extra ancillary content to further enhance the learning experience.
  • Used: Still the most popular purchase option, used books save you up to 25% off the new book list price.

With so many low-cost options, the savings really add up! Best of all, you can rest assured knowing that the correct title will be delivered on-time, regardless of which format you choose. To take advantage of these reduced prices, all you have to do is order your course materials on our online bookstore at:


The Antioch Midwest Library is another resource for accessing the required course materials.

If you haven’t found the books you need for your classes. Or haven’t received your books from the Online Bookstore. You can give the Antioch Midwest library a try.

  • As Antioch Midwest students, you are able to use OhioLINK to request books:
  • If the book you need is able to be requested from another Ohio library, you can have it sent here to AUM or to the nearest OhioLINK library closest to you.
  • Still no luck? Try our University-wide catalog, WorldCat Local, which gives you access to a national search (and even international, if need be):
  • You can have the book you need sent to AUM or to your house for free.
  • Bring it back to us and we’ll mail it back for free.

As always feel free to call or email if you have any questions, and we can help you with the process:

Stephen Shaw