Financial Aid in the transition

Borrower-based Lending

In order to make certain that the transition from quarters to semesters will be covered by Federal loans and grants, Antioch University Midwest will begin processing under the Borrower Based Academic Year.

Under this system, your Financial Aid Award will cover every three terms of attendance. If your enrollment begins Spring term, your award package would be Spring, Summer and Fall.

In addition, you are permitted to borrow 1/2 of the next year’s loan and disburse in the current academic year. In other words, if you begin in Spring and your academic year is Spring, Summer and Fall, you can receive 1/2 of your loan amount in Spring, 1/2 of your loan in Summer, and borrow 1/2 of the next year for Fall.   This will occur every three terms you attend.


A caution about processing loans in the Borrower Based Academic year is the amount of loan debt you can incur which results in a faster progression toward your maximum lifetime limits for your degree.   We advise only borrowing what you absolutely need to cover your educational expenses.

At the time you receive your financial aid award letter each year, you will also receive an email indicating how much student loan debt you have and how much eligibility is remaining for your program.

Our Financial Aid Office is very happy to answer any questions.