Federal Work Study – Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Academic Year: 2014-2015
Supervisor: Sara Ross (and Kent De Spain)
Supervisor Contact: Laurette Nichols, Division Administrator
Number of Positions: 1
Hours per Week: Up to 20


Social media and classroom technology support for AUM Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (IMA, HCA/PN, CAE, MCL)


  • Creation and maintenance of social media resources (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc.) for IMA, CAE, MCL, and HCA/PN programs
  • Classroom technology support for HCA/PN classes (primarily set-up and operation of simple videoconferencing equipment/software)
  • Other basic technology jobs as assigned

Job Requirements

  • Must have knowledge of/experience with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in
  • Must be able to identify appropriate program-specific information resources to disseminate via social media
  • Must be responsible and able to keep up-to-date with AUM events and news
  • Must be able to operate and troubleshoot basic videoconferencing equipment
  • Must have familiarity with the operation of classroom technology podiums
  • Must learn and understand Google Hangout
  • Must be available to be present for most HCA/PN classes (three Wednesdays per month from 2:45 – 9:00pm on the AUM campus)

Physical Requirement

There are no difficult physical demands for this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.