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When a student completes their program, drops all of their classes or withdraws from their Institution, an Exit Counseling is required to provide options of repayment to the student.

The Exit Counseling can be taken at:


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There are numerous options for repaying Federal Student Loans, including the standard option, income based, and graduated. One way to estimate the maximum monthly payment you might have is to look at the loan amount in $10,000 increments, and assume an unsubsidized interest rate of 6.21% which was in effect for loans borrowed beginning with the summer 2015:

Loan Amount Interest Rate Repayment Plan Repayment Period Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Total Amount Paid
$10,000 6.21% Standard 120 months $112 $3443 $13,443
$20,000 6.21% Standard 120 months $224 $6886 $26,886
$30,000 6.21% Standard 120 months $336 $10,329 $40,329

For other options go to: and choose “Use the Repayment Estimator”

At the same website you can access information on loan consolidation and forgiveness and Entrance and Exit Loan Counseling (required for all federal student loan borrowers)