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Obtain a Federal Student Aid PIN

Below you will find online resources for financial aid:

FAFSA determines eligibility for PellSEOG grants and subsidized loans.

Subsidized loans are the ones the government pays the interest during school and up to 6 months after the student stops attending school or drops below half time.

Assign an EFC or Estimated Family Contribution

To be considered for the Federal subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Work Study and all other federal or state programs, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list:

Antioch University Midwest
Title IV School
Code: 003010

Mail or electronically submit the FAFSA form to the Federal Student Aid Programs.

The internet address is to file electronically.

The PIN can be used to electronically sign your FAFSA application, dramatically decreasing the processing time. You can also use your PIN to make online corrections to your FAFSA, access your Student Aid Report, sign the master promissory note for a federal student loan and access your federal student aid records online including your student loan history information on National Student Loan Data System.

All first time borrowers at each Institution are required to complete the Entrance Loan Counseling before receiving Federal Direct Student Loans.

You can take the Entrance Loan Counseling here.

Effective July 1, 2010, all students were required to borrow under the William D. Ford Direct Loan program which is funded by the Department of Education.

In order to borrow under the Direct Loan Program, students must sign a Master Promissory Note with the Department of Education. This can be completed here.

There is a separate Master Promissory Note for the Graduate Plus loan and the Parent Plus Loan.

You must complete Federal TEACH Grant Initial and Subsequent Counseling (Federal TEACH Grant counseling) each year that you receive a Federal TEACH Grant before you sign an Agreement to Serve (ATS) for that year.

Federal TEACH Grant Counseling for award year 2008-2009 is the responsibility of the school. Online counseling is only available for award years 2009-2010 and forward.

If you have not completed your Federal TEACH Grant counseling, you must complete Federal TEACH Grant counseling before you can complete your ATS.

Once you login, click on START NEW COUNSELING to start your counseling session. You may complete both your Federal TEACH Grant counseling and your ATS in the same session.

If you have previously completed your Federal TEACH Grant counseling session, you will not be required to do so again. Once you login, click on START NEW ATS.

We estimate that it will take 30 minutes to complete your ATS.

The Federal Teach Grant Agreement to Serve can be completed here.

Graduate students who wish to borrow more than what the Direct Loan has to offer must sign a Graduate Plus Loan Master Promissory Note.

In some cases where the student is denied the Federal Graduate Plus Loan, an endorser can log in using their own FAFSA PIN and sign for the student.

The website to complete the Master Promissory Note and the endorser information is: This loan requires a credit check.