BA in Liberal Studies, Creative Writing and Literature concentration (Mobile)

BA in Liberal Studies, Creative Writing and Literature concentration

creative writing major
As a Creative Writing major, you can transform a passion for writing into a career. Countless writers have!
Creative writing permeates our lives as we read magazines, newspapers, and books both in traditional print and online. Accurately expressing thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams through creative writing is critical to success in many fields. Our liberal studies degree with a creative writing concentration will help you achieve that success.

In our program, you’ll take a close and critical look at some of the best work in multiple genres from across the ages while honing your own writing skills. You’ll become proficient in disciplined writing practices and master communication and organizational strategies to transform creative self expression into marketable skills.

Program Overview

This concentration in creative writing and literature aims to prepare aspiring writers through five main objectives.

  • Evaluate and apply the craft of writing in multiple genres. Students will explore literary expression in order to achieve greater proficiency in their own craft as writers.
  • Examine and apply the craft of close reading of literature. Students will cultivate their ability to examine the craft of other writers (both historical and contemporary), looking at formal elements of the work, including language, character, story, theme, rhythm, and tone.
  • Examine and analyze the impact that creative writing has in our world.
  • Evaluate and articulate the foundational skills of a professional writer. Students will constructively comment on the work of other writers in one or more creative literary forms (poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction), participate in a writing community, and apply best practices of editing, revision techniques, and grammar.
  • Create and write with proficiency in one or more creative literary forms (poetry, fiction, and/or creative non-fiction). Students will produce written work using the process approach of discovering material, creating the appropriate form according to the intended effect on the target audience, and revising as necessary.

Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions

To earn a Bachelor’s degree at Antioch University Midwest, students will have a combination of transfer credits and required Antioch University Midwest credits totaling 120 credits.

Antioch Core Courses


INTD-3210 Experience and Expression (3)
INTD-3250 Modes and Methods of Learning (3)
INTD-3310 Literary Analysis and Argumentation (3)
INTD-3350 Culture, Conflict, and Social Research (3)
INTD-3450 Foundations of Civilization (3)
INTD-3510 Ecology, Technology, and Society (3)
INTD-3550 Leadership (3)

Creative Writing & Literature Concentration


COM-3570 Short Story Writing (3)
COM-3910 English: The Global Language (3)
COM-4320 Social Media and Social Change (3)
LIT-4420 African American Literature (3)
LIT-4500 Contemporary Theory & Criticism (3)
LIT-4650 Shakespeare (3)
One COM or LIT Elective (3)
PRO-4970 Senior Project (3)

Total 45 Credits

Important Notice: This is not an official Degree Audit tool. This is merely a sample of the most recent degree offerings. Students should confer with their academic advisor regarding their degree requirements.



Application DeadlineS 2016

Apply before the deadline and we will waive your application fee

SemesterApplication DeadlinesClasses Begin
Spring 2017January 3, 2016January 7, 2017
Spring 2017 "B Session"February 28, 2017March 4, 2017

We will continue to process the complete applications received after the deadline however, we cannot guarantee an admission decision will be reached in time to begin the desired term.

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