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Administrative Policy Statement

Classroom Policies AUM Classroom Policies

Classroom policies (that which is explicitly allowed or disallowed in a classroom) are largely under the authority of the individual instructor teaching the course.  This authority extends to, among other areas:

  • Laptop computer usage during class
  • Cell-phone usage during class
  • Appropriateness of food and drink during class
  • Means of contact outside of class

These and other guidelines for classroom interaction may be outlined on the syllabus, or may be communicated by the instructor as the need arises.

There are other areas where the university has established guidelines to which instructors must adhere.  This includes the following:

  • Children on campus:  Antioch University Midwest is an adult educational environment in which discussion is central to learning.  Our contractual obligation with each student demands that we provide an environment that facilitates and supports such discussion.  Imposition of children in this environment violates this express contract.  Students and faculty are expected to make child-care arrangements so that children are not brought to campus during scheduled instructional sessions.  Exceptions may be requested in the event that a student would like to bring an older child to hear a speaker; however, the student must have the agreement of each class member as well as the faculty member.  
  • Alcohol during class time:  Faculty and students are prohibited from introducing alcoholic beverages into scheduled instruction activities.  Any social event that would include alcoholic beverages must fall outside the regularly scheduled class meeting time and must not involve planned instructional activities.

Approved by Faculty Assembly 2/18/10
Effective Spring Quarter, 2010
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