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Consensual Sexual Relations Policy AUM Consensual Sexual Relations Policy PDF

Antioch University Midwest affirms that it is the policy and intent of the institution to establish and maintain an environment which is conducive to its educational mission. Relationships between Antioch Midwest employees, who are responsible for maintaining a supportive learning environment, and students are crucial to the learning process. Consensual sexual relationships, which add an additional role to the teaching/learning function, create the potential to distort or inhibit the learning environment for the student involved as well as for other students in the same program.

Therefore, Antioch University Midwest requires that its faculty, staff, and administrators refrain from initiating or entering into a consensual sexual relationship with any student over whom they have an evaluative position (i.e. where one of them has, or could have, the responsibility to teach, evaluate, supervise or advise the other). Because it is so crucial to maintain appropriate educational role boundaries, Antioch will consider it a potentially serious breach of professional ethics if a faculty member, administrator, or staff member initiates or enters into such a relationship with a student.

Sometimes a relationship exists prior to one of the parties entering the educational institution. In that case, faculty member, staff member or administrator involved should discuss the situation with his or her supervisor and arrangements should be made so that the employee will not be directly involved in an evaluative relationship of any kind with the student. To conceal such a preexisting relationship would create the same situation as to initiate a new one and hence would also be considered a potentially serious violation of professional ethics.

Complaints about consensual sexual relationships will be responded to promptly and equitably. The rights to confidentiality of all members of the Antioch Midwest community will be respected in both informal and formal procedures insofar as possible. There will be no reprisal or retaliation against individuals for bringing complaints, in good faith, of consensual sexual relationships, or reprisal against any individual accused and later found not to be in violation of this policy. Lodging of such a complaint is a serious matter and will not be taken lightly; deliberate false allegations will be considered professional misconduct and may be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Approved by Faculty Assembly
Effective Fall Quarter, 2009
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