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Administrative Policy Statement

Smoking Policy AUM Smoking Policy PDF

This policy covers designated smoking areas on Campus West and has been established to comply with state laws; to maintain the appearance of campus; and to create an environment in which smokers and non-smokers can co-exist in harmony.

  1. Smoking will be allowed in designated areas only (south of the main door beyond the pillars, north of the student/staff door beyond the pillars and north of the multipurpose room door beyond the pillars).
  2. Designated smoking areas will be available on campus away from all doors and at minimum 25 feet away from the building.
  3. In the designated smoking areas a covered and self-extinguishing receptacle will be available.* To comply with the local fire code, the receptacles cannot be positioned under any overhangs. The receptacles will be beyond the pillars.
  4. Covered and self-extinguishing receptacles will be available in various locations on campus (close to the parking lot or in it) to curb litter.
  5. Permanent signage will be posted near main doors stating the location of the designated smoking areas and that smoking in non-designated areas is prohibited.
  6. We will apprise the Antioch University Midwest community and future members of the community via newsletters, web, etc. of the limited smoking policy.
  7. The policy is in compliance with the Ohio state law Revised Code Chapter 3794 and Administrative Code rule 3701-52 (

Approved by Executive Leadership Team 11/12/07
Effective Date:  11/12/07

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